AI-Powered, Human-Refined Investment Analysis Platform
for Cryptocurrency Insights


LYZE provides unique actionable business and financial insights by creating an ecosystem, where machine learning experts and domain analysts collaborate systematically to generate financial platform-caliber analytic reports of the markets.

LYZE seeks to be the standard platform
to provide investment information analysis
across different markets.


Blockchain is transparent
But NOT for everyone

Issues in market
Problem 1 Capital

A Huge amount of capital is flowing into Cryptocurrency.

The current blockchain buzz attracts a huge amount of capital investment.

Problem 2 Exchange

- 2300+ ICOs in 2018
- 1600+ Coins on 200+ Exchange

This sudden influx of capital lead a lot of ICOs. As of this year, there are currently more than 2300 of ICOs being publicly offered. Consequently, over 1600 cryptocurrencies are being traded on more than 200 exchanges, and the total volume of these trade activities is almost 335 billion US dollars, and 21 billion daily.

Problem 3 Blocks

Cryptocurrency produces a massive amount of blocks.

Moreover, these cryptocurrencies are generating a massive amount of blocks on top of their blockchain platform, and there are millions of transactions that are recorded within the blocks.

All the blocks on blockchain STAY AFLOAT AND UNKNOWN

Such a transparent, honest, and beautiful system environment that everyone can access and see the contents of the blocks has been built. But no one knows the contents and the meaning of them in the blocks. A majority of people lack the interests in finding such, yet only a handful of them can only speculate.


LYZE will approach statistical and analytical truths with A.I. & data mining techniques and provides more objective information.

LYZE Platform
  1. On our platform, data scientists will utilize AI techniques to analyze the quantitative data of different blocks.
  2. With the quantitative analysis results, data scientists will collaborate with domain experts to produce more context enhanced results.
  3. Every step of the analysis process occurs on the LYZE blockchain platform.
  4. When consumers purchase the results of the analysis, both the data scientists and domain experts can be incentivized and rewarded in the most transparent manner.


How We Analyze the Blocks

: EOS BP Voting Trend Analysis
(July, 2018)


data scientists : LYZE data analysis team

domain experts : EOS Node One BP

In this analysis, LYZE participated as a data scientist and EOS Node ONE BP as a domain expert.

This analysis is for every active and reserve EOS block producers to display the health of EOS Block Producer voting process.

There has been over 70,000 votes and 300,000 delegates of stake. We tried to find out if EOS voting process is as healthy as it claims to be.

If we can measure it,
We can improve it.

Please stand behind LYZE.


Introduce Our Team and Advisors

17+ years - Data mining research experiences
19+ years - Development & system architecture experiences

Core Team
  • C E O
    Jaehoon Choi, Ph.D.
    • CEO of Opinion 8 Co. Ltd.
    • CTO of Konolabs, Inc
    • Research Intern of Microsoft
    • Ph.D., Dept. of Computer Science, Korea University
    Machine Learning | Opinion Mining | Search Engine
  • C T O
    Hyeokjun Kwon
    • CEO of Blackpick
    • Daum cafe/Messemger, Ya9, Football Day
    • BS in Computer Engineering, Kwangwoon University
    System Architecture
  • C S O
    Jongho Kim
    • IP Lead of Futureplay Inc.
    • Patent engineer of LGE patent center, 180+ patents
    • Founder of YIPL Community
    • MS in Electronic Engineering at GIST
    Business∙ICO Strategy | Community Building
  • Research
    Donghee Choi
    • CIO of Opinion8 Co. Ltd.
    • Data Scientist of Konolabs, Inc.
    • Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of Computer Science, Korea University
    Machine Learning | Opinion Mining | Search Engine
  • Business
    Robert Kim
    • Business Operations
    • Operations at Konolabs
    Organization Security∙Performnance
  • Design Lead
    Minju Lee
    • UX Consultant in e-motion. Inc.
    • MA in Media Design at Ewha Womans University
    Data Visualization | UX∙UI design | Interaction design
Daniel Jung
  • Financial Analyst
  • Cheolhyun Jeong, Ph.D.
  • Machine Learning Expert
  • Advisory
    • Sungjae Hwang, Ph.D.
      Blockchain & AI tech Startups
    • Junghee Ryu Ph.D.
      AI tech startups & Investment
    • Ohhyung Kwon
      Investment & Finance
    • Jaewoo Kang, Ph.D.
      Data Mining & AI
    • Dongwoo Kim Ph.D.
      Machine Learning
    • Sukjin Han, Ph.D.
      Econometric Theory
    • Eunsuk Lee Ph.D.
      Token Economy